We see crimes happening around us every single day, and not all of the perpetrators are caught. Criminals are getting smarter day by day and know how to remove their traces. We need to do all we can to deter crime and save ourselves from it. Dealing with the painful losses after a theft has occurred can be financially and mentally exhausting. An excellent way to prevent crime from happening at all is to get a CCTV security camera. Cameras have proven to be significant deterrents to crime. Even if a criminal proceeds with the act under the supervision of a camera, there is a substantial chance that sooner or later, they will be caught based on the evidence in the footage.

After you have decided on getting a camera, you will have to choose from several different styles and qualities of cameras. Two main types of cameras are very common: bullet and dome cameras. Both these cameras are suitable for both residential property and a business. However, both cameras have differences that make them more suited to use in some situations. In contrast, other conditions may become unfavorable for them. This article will be your guide through both the types of cameras, their features, and which one is better for use. 

Dome Camera

A dome camera gets its name by the way it is designed. A dome camera features a camera that is encased in a transparent dome. Dome cameras are suited to both indoor and outdoor use. Still, they are frequently installed inside buildings because of their seamless and discrete design. Dome cameras are much more resistant to vandalism attempts as the lens is encased behind a transparent cover. Also, it is tough to determine where the camera is facing just by looking at it because of the dome-like structure. You can get dome cameras in many varieties; you can get vandal-proof dome cameras with a much more rigid design. Also, dome cameras can have a rotating camera installed inside them; it allows you to monitor a larger area without multiple cameras.

Which camera is better dome or bullet

Bullet Camera

These, too, get their name from the way they are designed. They have a distinct cylindrical shape that has a bullet or lipstick tube-like appearance. These are the most common types of security cameras that you will come across. They are much more visible than a dome camera, which is both a pro and a con. It is a pro in the sense that it becomes a visual deterrent of crime. Criminals intentionally choose targets where they are sure they leave no evidence behind. So having a camera on the building makes them avoid it. It is a con because it becomes visible to them and becomes an easy target of vandalism. They can be turned to another direction with ease because of their mounting. However, they have a more extensive range of views. This is due to the camera’s shape that allows a larger lens to be fitted compared to a dome camera.

Differences between Dome and Bullet cameras

The design of both cameras makes them better suited to certain situations. Here is a comparison in all the ways the cameras are different than each other. 

Outdoor Surveillance

Bullet cameras are usually the prime choice for outdoor surveillance cameras. This is because of their range and the amount that allows them to point in a fixed direction with ease. Also, they have outstanding night-vision capabilities because of more space to install IR LEDs. Even though dome cameras can be installed outside, they are not as durable, and their dome can be covered in grime over time. This makes them inefficient in the outdoors compared to the bullet camera.


Dome cameras are slightly more complicated to install than bullet cameras. This is because they have to be installed in the ceiling, and running wires to them can be a bit challenging, also is making space for them. Also, not all dome cameras have a rotating camera, and once fitted, you cannot change the field of view. If you have to change it, you will have to un-mount and re-mount it based on the new viewing angle.

Bullet cameras come with their own mounting handle. The handle allows them to be re-positioned easily after use as well. These cameras can be fitted both inside and outside, they can be mounted on a wall, and it is pretty easy to install them.

Wildlife Nesting

Bullet cameras are notorious for their tendency to become home for birds. The mounting angle of the camera makes for a perfect spot for birds to make their nests. This has always been a problem with bullet cameras. Still, it rarely becomes a problem if you don’t have to re-position your camera very often.

Dome cameras, on the other hand, do not have this problem. They are mounted directly to the ceiling leaving no room for an animal to make a nest.

Which one is better?

Based on all the discussion above, it is pretty evident that both cameras have their merits and downsides over the other one. Ultimately, it all boils down to the buyer’s preference; if nesting is an absolute deal-breaker, then bullet cameras might suit you. If you need to re-position your camera often, you might want to go with a bullet. 

Some considerations you will have to make would be whether you want a system that deters crime and is visible, or you need a more discreet surveillance system that helps you catch the perpetrators in a better way. As stated above, bullet cameras are visible to criminals easily and can be the reason why your property is safe. But in the rare event that the criminal compromises the camera, a dome camera would be a better friend of yours. However, you are not bound to get only one type of camera for your house or office building. In fact, the most effective CCTV camera system would incorporate both bullet and dome cameras so each one can cover the downsides of the other. 


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