Will wireless security cameras interfere with WIFI?

Will wireless security cameras interfere with WIFI?

Gone are the days when we have to spend days just setting up security cameras. In today’s world, we have advanced wireless security cameras called IP cameras to fix security-related issues. Did you know wireless cameras can interfere with a WiFi connection?

Will wireless security cameras interfere with WIFI

Many factors could affect the security of your wireless camera. Not all IP cameras can interfere with WiFi as it depends upon how the cameras are configured. 

When your IP Cameras are affected, you may not be able to load the preview of the camera when needed. Sometimes, your cameras’ wireless connectivity is affected which causes extra trouble. Weak WiFi signals prevent you from loading your videos or may give you blurry images. 

Make sure that your IP Cameras are well connected with WiFi and have a stable Internet connection. Here, we have listed down what causes interference between your IP Cameras and WiFi and how you can fix them. 

How to Fix Wireless Camera Interference Issues?

  • Choose the Right WiFi Signal 

The co-channel interface is the primary reason behind such issues with your IP Cameras. When your WiFi channel carries multiple signals, chances of getting interfered with each other are high. 

This makes your WiFi signal unstable. Sometimes you experience poor connectivity with weak signals interrupting the recording function of your cameras. Make sure to select a different frequency for your Wireless router. 

How to Fix Wireless Camera Interference Issues

Most home appliances use the standard 2.4 GHz band. When you have set up your IP cameras in such areas where multiple devices are connected, chances of getting WiFi interferences are high. Make sure to choose a different WiFi frequency i.e. 5GHz for your IP Cameras. 

Many scanning tools available in the market can help you fix the interference issues with your IP Cameras. Just explore the available tools and pick the one that can help you check if your IP Cameras are facing any issues. 

  • Router Placement 

Sometimes your IP Cameras don’t get the required connectivity that results in poor and weak signals. Make sure to place the WiFi router in an open place that is free from physical barriers such as walls, plasters, metal, concrete, etc. 

Router Placement

If you have a Router located in a corner full of such barriers, make sure to relocate it to an open space from where all the IP cameras can get the direct signals. For best results, you are requested to place the router in the middle of your home. You can also rearrange the antennas of your WiFi router to get maximum connectivity. 

Moreover, you should not install the router in the basement or the lower area. Always install it at a higher place. The access point should be away from other home appliances to avoid channel interference issues. 

The router’s access point should be away from the wall, keep at least 6 inches gap between the router and the wall. Wireless Signals can’t pass through physical barriers such as metals. Make sure that there are no such barriers available around the router’s area. 

  • Use WiFi Extender

Sometimes poor signals can cause a lot of trouble and interference with your IP Cameras. To get the best Internet connectivity, you are requested to use WiFi Extender. There are many options available from the reputed brands when it comes to installing a WiFi extender. 

Use WiFi Extender

It comes with several benefits that need no external router. You can extend the strength of your WiFi’s signals by simply installing an extender. With a reliable extender, you can provide the required signals to IP Cameras. There will be no network-related issues in the future. 


Wireless Cameras are more reliable than the wired cameras. Wireless Cameras offer a set of extra features that you may not find in traditional wired cameras. You can use two-way talkback, 360 wireless rotation, remote monitoring on mobile phones, and many other advanced features with Wireless Cameras. 

You need to apply some tricks to prevent WiFi interference with your Wireless Router. The above-listed reasons and solutions could help you prevent such issues if you have installed or are going to install the Wireless Cameras on your premises. 


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