How long should security cameras last?

What is a Security Camera?

With the rise of the technological era, automating workplaces and homes have become more of a need than a desire. As crime is evolving and becoming more ingenious, so are the ways to inhibit it. Security cameras can ensure a building’s safety or even a large area. Cameras come in many varieties to cater to all the different requirements that may have to fulfill. A security system application can range from monitoring a single room or keeping watch over a whole factory or gallery. 

This means that the video qualities and camera range need to be variable according to the user’s needs. Therefore, you can find rigid cameras in their design, made to withstand the harshest weather and even damage done by someone trying to hinder its functionality.

Also, cameras with heat vision function just great in situations with little to no visibility. If you need extremes of details, there are megapixel cameras ready to do the surveillance job for you! This article aims to discuss the life span of a camera and its maintenance.

Lifespan of a security Camera

How long should security cameras last?

Camera systems can be expensive, especially getting them installed the first time. So, how long should security cameras last? It’s not uncommon to want to know how long it will last before you may have to replace it.

The first factor that comes into play deciding the longevity of a camera is the environment it will be exposed to. A camera that will remain indoors and dry will last you longer than one exposed to rain and other harsh weather, including excessive light. Here in the Coachella Valley, we have extreme heat and the cameras need to survive that, especially if they are in the direct elements.

While the average surveillance camera can last a user around 5 to 10 years, cheaper brands or more delicate and sophisticated camera units may go out sooner. 

A factor other than the camera’s physical durability is the durability of the lens. Cameras are made out of susceptible hardware, and the camera lens especially has specific requirements of exposure. High intensities of lighting can put excessive strain on the camera lens, just as it would on a human’s eyes. In adverse lighting conditions, the camera lens may start showing inefficiency, such as blurred or distorted images as soon as two years. 

Extending a camera system’s life beyond a certain point may not be possible. However, making sure it lasts as long as possible is something that First Call Securit and Sound can ensure. Having weatherproof cameras can be a massive plus in harsh weather conditions; this can extend the time before the camera becomes unusable compared to one more exposed to water.

Camera Maintenance

Camera Maintenance

Telling when a camera is very blatantly misbehaving is very easy. More significant glitches such as shades of color that shouldn’t be there or even interruption in camera feeds are typical examples of greater issues. But most companies cannot usually tell when the maintenance of a camera might be due without examining them properly. If a surveillance system is not maintained correctly, the life span can drop drastically. Here are a few things that may warrant maintenance;


What is a Security Camera?

Irregular Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance of the camera system is way more important than you might think. Some mechanical parts in the camera, such as motors, jam over time due to rust if not lubricated correctly. The most significant sign that you may get for overdue maintenance is no recollection of the last time you maintained your cameras. In fact, in most cases, camera system owners have no idea about camera care. 

A maintenance schedule needs to be set, preferably monthly, to ensure your cameras are functioning properly. Keeping an eye out for your cameras’ feed quality on typical days can also be immensely helpful. Regular maintenance can also lead you to the limitations that your camera setup may have to begin with and allow you to make timely upgrades.

All of this will prevent your camera system from failing on you when you might need it the most.

What is a Security Camera?

Glitches in Camera Functions

The biggest sign of flaws in a camera system is irregularities in the video or image quality. You cannot ignore a blurred, grainy, or unclear image on a camera. Security cameras are built to give sharp and focused images so that they can be used to attain necessary information when needed. Many parts of the camera are responsible for the image quality.

The camera zoom and the camera lens are the primary hardware that needs to be checked in this case.

Interruption of in-camera footage, inability to access a wireless camera remotely, cameras not sorting the recorded footage, and un-functional motion sensing are all attributed to camera system defects. These may seem minor on an individual level but left ignored or allowed to build up; these can cause the whole system’s failure.

These issues can result in a fault in-network, the wiring, the hardware, or even at multiple points at a time. 

You can do this before the maintenance team arrives; note whether the inaccuracies follow a pattern, such as a time interval, or happen as a result of some action. Some systems fall weak when strong winds blow, while others may be vulnerable to excessive load.

Knowing where your camera systems fall short can help the maintenance team know where the issue resides and prevent them from wasting your money.

What is a Security Camera?

External factors

There are lists of external factors that can cause a security camera’s immediate maintenance to be due.

Suppose your camera system is situated in an area where construction work is being conducted. In that case, your camera system is likely to have signs of physical wear on them. If your building has been a victim of criminal activity, the camera system may have been tampered with.

In these situations, often, the owner is not aware of any damage to the system until it causes the camera system to fail. Therefore, succeeding in any such event, getting camera maintenance can save you a lot of hassle and extend the Surveillance system’s life.


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