How far can a Security Camera See?

How far can a Security Camera See?

You have surely heard about the importance of a security camera! They come in different ranges and can set up anywhere you want. No matter how much budget you have, you can get the best surveillance system installed on your property to keep things secure. But How far can a Security Camera See?

If you are wondering how far a security camera can see, then this article will help you understand the key factors that can affect the field of view of CCTV cameras. We have put together all the information you might want to know about the surveillance system in this article.

How far a Security Camera Can See


Why should I check the Field of View of the CCTV Cameras? 

You need to know about the field of view of the CCTV camera, or we can say the distance that it can cover. 

We all are aware of the competition in the electronics market. We have plenty of choices available when it comes to choosing the home security camera system. 

The surveillance systems come with different features and functions. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can get the right system installed. 

Before choosing the security camera or the surveillance system, you should know about some factors first. 

How far can a Security Camera See

In general, a home security camera can see or cover a distance of up to 70 feet. It depends upon the lens type, camera type, and resolution. Some high-end security cameras can cover up to 700 feet of distance. Big enterprises have a high-end security camera installed to cover the large area. 

Before you install the Security Camera, you need to do some homework to get the best camera installed in your home. 

The Influence Factors

You might have many questions regarding the security camera and their performances. Here’s the list of factors that you should check before you finalize the security system for your home. 

Factor 1: Field of View 

The field of view of the CCTV camera depends upon the lens and the sensor of the camera. It describes what scene your camera is capturing. If you are a photographer, then you might be aware of this term. The wider field of view of the camera can cover more area of the field.


How far can security cameras see?



However, with a wider field of view, you may not be able to see accurate pictures of the objects since the objects will be much smaller as they are far away from the main camera. 

The focal length of the camera is the primary feature to consider while buying a security camera. Some cameras support external control that allows users to change the field of view with manual settings. 

What is Focal Length? 

The focal length of the camera determines how far the security camera can see. The focal length of the security camera can be fixed or variable, it depends upon the requirements of the users. 

Focal Length helps you to cover the area or we can say the field of view of the camera. The smaller focal length of the camera can cover a wider area of the field. A larger focal length can cover a narrower area of the field.

What is Focal Length?


If you are setting up the camera at a specific height, then you have to go with the larger focal length to cover the distance. However, in this case, you will have to compromise with the field of view i.e. the narrower area. 

Factor 2: Camera Resolution 

The camera resolution means the quality of images. If you want detailed images, then you have to pick the camera with at least 720 pixels of resolution i.e. the high definition resolution. To get the best results, we recommend you to go with the full HD resolution i.e. 1080 pixels.


Camera Resolution


If you are wondering about the right resolution for your surveillance system, then we would recommend you to study your requirements first. For getting a closer look at the object, a higher resolution camera is crucial. 

We have a range of Security Cameras with 4K UHD resolution. The 4K UHD camera offers great picture quality with clear audio. The resolution of the camera also depends upon the type of lens used in the security camera i.e. Telephoto or Wide Angle. 

Factor 3: Distance

If the object and the camera are far away from each other, then it will be a little difficult for you to see the object. You can’t get a closer look or a clear picture of the object when it is far away from the camera. 

Even if your security camera’s resolution is 4K, you may not get a clear picture as the object is far away from the main camera.


How far a Security Camera Can See


Factor 4: Location 

The location of your security camera can also affect the picture quality and the distance that the camera covers. You have to consider this factor while installing the camera outside your premises.


How far a Security Camera Can See


You need to understand the height of the camera, the angle of the camera, the direction of the sunlight, etc. If the sunlight goes straight to the camera’s lens, then it will not get you a clear picture. 

Factor 5: Quality 

The quality of the security camera is also an important factor while installing a new surveillance system on your premises. There are many types of security cameras present in the market, depending on your requirements, you can easily pick a suitable camera with a good lens and great build quality.


How far a Security Camera Can See


While installing the camera, you also need to take note of the obstructions such as trees, concrete floors, bricks, etc. Make sure that the camera you are installing doesn’t face any obstructions. This is how you can get the best of picture quality and performance from the camera. 

If you are installing the security camera outside your premises, then you have to pick the cameras with great build quality. Security cameras come with a different set of features, you need to read about the list of their features first before you pick them.

Factor 6: Night Vision Capabilities 

Almost all security cameras come with infrared illumination. Cameras with this feature support night vision that means they can record things during the dark. You can see things in the dark with this feature on the security camera.


How far a Security Camera Can See


If you want quality results from your camera during the dark, then you have to spend some extra money to buy a quality camera. 

Practical Example with a Popular Security Camera

Wyze is a popular brand when it comes to buying a quality security camera. Wyze Cam Pan is a popular model pack with all the latest features and functions. 

The Wyze Cam Pan is available on Amazon and is quite affordable. The camera’s focal length is 3.5mm. It offers full HD resolution i.e. 1080 pixels. The field of view of the camera is 360-degree. It’s a smart camera that can capture the best image quality from all angles. 

Wyze Cam Pan Key Specs:

  • Resolution: 1980* 1080 (1080 pixels)
  • Lens: 3.5mm Focal Length 
  • Connectivity: Wireless Connectivity

If you go by the specs listed above, you will get to know how far this security camera sees! You can’t determine the actual distance that the camera can cover by seeing the features and specifications listed on the website or the package. 

To determine how far your security camera can see, you have to use the advanced software that is available on the web. By entering the specs listed on the website, the software tells you how far your security camera can see! 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Security Camera to Monitor Places at a Distance 

If you want to monitor different places or departments at a distance through a CCTV camera, then consider the below-listed things first. 

Lens Type 

To monitor places at a distance, you need to go with the camera that features a Varifocal lens. The varifocal lens can cover up the larger field compared to other lens types. For better distance coverage, a camera with a varifocal lens is highly recommended. 

Moreover, the varifocal lens comes with a better zooming capability that makes the object visible by simply using the zoom-in feature. You don’t have to compromise with the quality of the image even if you use the zoom-in feature. 


For better picture quality, you need to go with a camera with a higher resolution. Make sure that the camera you choose has at least 1080 pixels of resolution. You can get the 4K UHD resolution with a 5MP security camera at an affordable price as there are many options available in the market. 

Wireless Camera 

If you want to install a Wi-Fi-enabled security system, then make sure that the camera receives good Internet connectivity. 


Always go with the reputed brand when it comes to purchasing a new security camera. It ensures better quality backed by a guarantee from the company itself. They also provide satisfactory customer services. 

Night Vision 

Make sure that the camera you choose supports night vision. This feature lets you monitor the site during the night time i.e. in the dark. Even if there is no light around, the camera can show you the actual scene on your screen with built-in infrared lights which enables night vision. 


If you have decided to install a surveillance system on your premises or in your company, then you must understand the range of the security camera i.e. how much distance a security camera can cover. Depending on the brand and the specifications of a particular camera, the distance or the coverage of the camera may vary. 

What you can do here is do some homework before you start searching for the security camera. Follow the tips and tricks listed in the above article to understand what things matter while choosing a security camera. If you have any queries regarding this, drop us in the comments section.


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