How Can I Make my House a Smart House

How can I make my house a smart house?

Smart homes are the next step when it comes to household convenience and luxury. While most new homes already come with smart aspects, people who live in traditional homes can also convert their residence into a smart home. A smart home is one in which all or most of the appliances and devices are connected through the internet to allow the residents to monitor and control the house remotely. Appliances such as air conditioners, heaters, and lights are the most common examples of appliances that people usually control.

People also know smart homes as home automation or domotics. Domotics is derived from the Latin word ‘domus’ meaning home. Smart homes offer better security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency by giving residents elaborate control over all the aspects of the home. Normally, the owners of the home use a smart home application to control connected devices. These applications give a variety of options and features to homeowners, these apps can simply be installed on the phone or another connected device. 

Smart homes fall under the category of IoT (Internet of things), which signifies that all the smart devices communicate their usage data with each other, to better adapt to the homeowners’ preferences.

How Can I Make my House a Smart House

Converting Your Home into a Smart Home

You can take two main approaches based on your budget and the timeframe you have to convert your house. You can convert your home all at once or convert it one step at a time based on the urgency or need to convert a specific application in the house. However, by any means, there are three main steps that you need to follow;

  • Upgrade your Wi-Fi Connection

It’s almost integral to a smart home to have a dependable means of communication. As all smart home devices need internet to communicate with the smart hub and the phone or computer of the homeowner, a network solid and fast enough to handle the needs of the smart home is imperative. You might even have to get range extenders or repeaters for Wi-Fi for homes that are substantial in size.

  • What Are Your Needs?

Get all your thoughts together on why you need a conversion to a smart home. There are obvious benefits, but there are some personal needs that everyone needs to address. Once you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, the research process and choosing the areas you want to address immediately become way more effective. You won’t be wasting money on random gadgets that you might never actually use if you take the time to think it through. There’s nothing worse than seeing an expensive device of yours sitting in a corner gathering dust.

How Can I Make my House a Smart House

  • Research properly

No one can emphasize enough how important research is before you decide to buy something. There are multiple smart systems in the markets, and each has its pros and cons. It’s always good to know the top players in the market before you spend your hard-earned money. It’s always great to have a few good alternatives lying around if you don’t get the same device you needed. 

Here are FirstCall Security and Sound, we have done the research part for you. Home Automation is one of our passions and all of our technicians are at the forefront of the latest and best options for you

Common Smart Home Technologies

How Can I Make my House a Smart House

This section will help you by giving you examples that already exist that you can use for smart home conversion. Almost all household appliances and machines have seen their smart home alternative. These examples would be a good starting point to your smart home;

  • Smart TVs are something that you may have heard of, even outside the realm of smart homes. Smart TVs have added much-needed functionality of having videos on-demand and streaming content on the internet to your traditional cable TV. Smart TVs also have varieties that you can control using your voice. If you are looking for a subtle but notable shift to a smart home, a smart TV is a good option.
  • When thinking of smart homes, smart lighting systems are one of the first things to come to mind. Smart lighting systems can be set to turn on based on the entrance and exit of individuals in the room. They can be effective means of avoiding energy wastage, as no lights will remain on unnecessarily.
  • Smart thermostats can be a great addition to a smart home. These thermostats have evolved to give as much comfort to the user as possible. These are Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats that allow users to set the house’s temperature based on the time of day. Furthermore, they can adapt to the users’ preferences as they are used. More sophisticated systems even come with alert systems that inform the homeowner of upcoming maintenance, replacement of parts, and even energy consumption. 
  • If you want to make a significant enhancement in the level of security of your house, you can integrate a smart security system. This system will be based on cameras and can sense motion within the home. These systems are programmed to determine whether the body detected is a pet, an occupant, or someone that doesn’t belong in the house if the owner of the house is away. They alert the residents immediately. Homeowners on vacation can leave the house under the surveillance of a smart security system. We live and breathe security here at FirstCall Security, so give us a call to find out the best options for you.
  • Kitchen appliances are an area that has seen innovative transitions in the face of smart homes. All sorts of appliances are available now, such as smart coffee makers that would make you a cup of coffee at a programmed time without you even thinking of it. Smart refrigerators can be fantastic kitchen assistants. They keep track of expiry dates of food items; they can prepare a shopping list based on the things that should be in the fridge or even give you recipes to cook based on your current stuff. You can have automated cookers to do the job of cooking after your fridge has laid out your options for you.

The list can go on, and with each item, you could be more inclined to convert your home to a Smart Home. With the development in the smart home area, the opportunities and options have become endless, and there is a system that fits everyone’s needs. Make sure to give us a call here on 760 332 8900 and see how we can get you on the right track for your Home automation needs