What makes your house a target for burglars?

What makes your house a target for burglars?

Recent data reveals an alarming rise of robbery and burglary incidents in the United States with approximately 2.4 million families experiencing such a crime each year. Burglars often look for certain signs when selecting a house to target, so be aware of the following factors that can put your home at risk.

A lack of security features such as alarms and motion sensors increases the likelihood that thieves will target your home. Other factors such as poor lock quality and inadequate visibility from the street can also expose you to the risk of unwanted intrusions.

Lastly, expensive items on display or in plain sight through windows may attract cracker criminals looking for quick money. The great news is that you can reinforce the security of your home with top-notch locks, motion detectors and cameras strategically placed on the premises. With these measures in place, burglars will find it almost impossible to penetrate your property.

Additionally, ensuring good visibility to the street by trimming any excess foliage or trees in front of windows also acts as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves. With proactive steps, you will gain the security and assurance that your family is well-guarded against burglars in your home.

An empty house is an easy target for burglars – make sure to keep it well-lit and occupied

Home security should be a paramount concern for any individual living in their own home or renting. Leaving your home in darkness is an opening for burglars to enter. To ensure the security of your residence, it’s critical that you keep lights on at night and regularly maintain occupancy.

Installing additional locks on doors and windows can help provide extra protection, as well as investing in surveillance systems to monitor activity around the house. Although the cost of security measures may be hefty, one cannot put a price on the assurance that your home is secure.

A home with a lot of valuable items is also a prime target – keep your valuables hidden and out of sight

Understanding the full worth of the items within your home can be daunting, as many are irreplaceable. To keep them safe from danger and out of sight, storing them in an unrecognizable or difficult-to-access location is essential. Safeguard your valuable possessions by securely storing them in a box or locked safe, out of the reach of any nosy onlookers and potential robbers. When it comes to security, remember it’s always better to keep your valuables hidden and out of sight.

A home that’s easy to break into is also at risk – make sure all your doors and windows are locked

Nothing is more alarming than coming home to uncover that your abode has been infiltrated without you being aware of it. Considering the potential of such a situation is undeniably disturbing, it’s essential to take preventative steps to ensure your safety and security. Securing all windows and doors is one of the most effective steps one can do in order to deter intruders: strong locks, alarms, security systems, and even motion detector lights all make valuable contributions to keeping your home safe.

Windows in particular should be checked regularly for signs of damage or weakness due to wear and tear as these are often potential entry points for criminals.

Installing security cameras or motion sensors can offer additional peace of mind that unwanted visitors will be identified immediately. While you can’t go wrong with the latest tech gadgets to ensure your home’s safety, don’t forget about simpler yet still imperative ways of security. Make sure that all points of entry such as doors and windows are properly closed and secured – no matter what time it is!

Ensure your security system is in peak condition and continually updated to guarantee that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

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Be sure to review regularly to ensure the system is up to date and working properly so that any potential intruders are discouraged. First Call Security & Sound is dedicated to helping homeowners, families, businesses and properties maintain a secure environment where they can feel safe at all times.

Be aware of your surroundings

Proactively being alert to our environment and making use of protective measures is critical for preserving the security of our neighborhoods.

This requires being attentive to the finer points, like who is entering and leaving your premises, along with what they are bringing in or out.

We should always trust our intuition—if something feels wrong, it likely is. If we even so much as observe any dubious activity, however slight it might initially appear to be, alerting local law enforcement is of critical importance. Taking these precautions can help put a stop to potentially dangerous situations before they even start.

Staying proactive is essential in keeping your home safe from potential burglars. It starts with simple measures such as making sure to keep an occupied house well-lit and hiding valuables from sight.

Make sure your home is secure by carefully locking all doors and windows, and if you already have a reliable security system in place, ensure that it is well-maintained for optimal protection. Help protect your surroundings by reporting any potentially suspicious activity to the proper authorities. 

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