What Makes a Good Security Camera Company?

What Makes a Good Security Camera Company?

CCTV Security cameras were made to monitor rocket launches, first in Russia then later in America. But today, there are more than 770 million CCTV cameras installed around the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most used technologies worldwide, and the majority of the cameras are used in China. Security cameras gained popularity quickly because they are one of the best ways to protect personal properties from threats of break-ins and theft. They act as a deterrent of crime and as a method of evidence to recover lost property.

Due to the countless benefits these systems provide us with, the demand for security cameras is ever increasing. As a result, brands compete harshly every day to get to the latest technology before everyone else. When choosing the right security camera for your property, a significant consideration is the camera’s brand. While there are too many brands offering cameras that are very similar in operation, a few brands stand out from the others.

Qualities of a Good Security Camera Brand

Gaining an edge in the modern business environment is not an easy task. And the companies that gain a better market share than the rest hold some similar qualities. This remains true for security camera companies too. Here are a few qualities that a good security camera company has:

  • Competitiveness

A security camera company that is on the top and plans to remain there knows all the current technologies in the market and keeps track of any breakthroughs that may be achieved. While being the first to make a breakthrough may not be possible every time, these brands ensure that they release rivaling technology that is either on par or exceeds their rivals.

  • Distinctiveness

To make a name in any business, you need to have something you are best at or unique. While keeping distinction in the security camera industry is not possible physically, brands tend to do this financially. An example would be Wyze; they have cameras that are unbelievably cheap for the features they have. And as a result, they are one of the best camera brands in the market.

  • Consistency

The top brands in the security camera industry are nothing but consistent. They keep providing top-notch services such as cloud monitoring and detection of intruders. They give a lot of state-of-the-art technology and intelligent features to countless people worldwide, maintaining the quality with every camera they make. Their remote monitoring services remain safe and robust any time of the year.

  • Leadership

The leader of every brand lives and dies for the ideology they have built. All of the top security camera brands have leaders that believe in the values of their companies. These leaders would prefer working to strengthen their brand over a holiday any time of the year. 

Strong leadership is the backbone of any running business in the world. These leaders don’t just make products to sell and gain profit; they see a need and how they can fill it. Their activities are triggered by a need to serve humanity rather than personal gain. 

  • Consumer Awareness

No brand can exist with proper knowledge of its consumer base. Each prominent name in the video surveillance industry exists because they target a specific audience and ensure their needs are met.

Arlo is a good example. Arlo makes top-of-the-line doorbells and outdoor security cameras. Their equipment is built to last in the harsh conditions that cameras face outdoors and has all the smart features that can keep the house safe whether the residents themselves are present or not in the house. The features such as a siren and remote monitoring are specifically tailored to the consumers of that niche of security cameras.

Features of a Good Security System

The main reason why a security camera company is at the top is because of their top-of-the-line products. So here we will discuss what makes their products so good. The standard features the surveillance systems of a good security camera company have are:

  • HD Video Streaming

Today even your most basic mobile phones come with HD video recording in their cameras. So it is like the prime requirement of any successful security cameras system to provide that level of quality. Good quality cameras can even give you 4K or ultra-HD streaming, but they get pricier.

  • Wireless Technology

No matter how robust your surveillance system is, if someone can sabotage it just by snipping a wire, it can be very easily compromised. So, today even the most basic of security camera brands offer wireless surveillance. They come with specialized software and equipment to receive the feed and monitor the on-site and remote location.

  • Night-Vision and Low Light Applications

Night vision is an absolute necessity if you are looking to buy an outdoor camera system. While most of the cameras come with UV lights, some more sophisticated systems come with heat-vision too. It is not necessary for domestic purposes, but it can be very effective in commercial areas. 

  • Remote Access

It is integral for cameras today to have remote access and cloud backup. It is becoming increasingly common for domestic cameras to come with a companion application that gives you access to the live feed of the home and other authority over the surveillance.

  • Speakers

Most high-end brands include 2-way speakers and microphones into the cameras as they allow much more functionality. For example, you can inform trespassers that they are being recorded. Most criminals flee the crime scene once they have been detected. 

  • Automation

Motion sensing and motion-activated cameras are much more prevalent in the modern security camera market. Motion-activated cameras can cut the storage you need for footage as they only record when activity occurs. Advanced systems also track movement and can alert you when an intruder is on your property.

These are just a few of the most common essentials that modern security cameras have. And top-tier brands make sure to include most of them in their products. The best brands offer the best value in an affordable package, which is very reminiscent of all the brands with the most market share in the security camera industry. A good company can be identified with the values they have and the quality of their product!


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