What Is Smart Motion Detection

What Is SMD – Smart Motion Detection and Why Is It Important

The Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is a security device installed around buildings and houses that helps detect any unauthorized movement in restricted or private areas, specifically after particular hours. The device is used in commercial, personal residential properties and is used in military premises.

The SMD device utilizes an advanced algorithm to differentiate between the shapes of humans and vehicles around the located area and deploys alarms when any unwanted person, animal, or car is identified.

As per specific statistical reports, such SMD devices like automation cameras have a considerable potential to grow over 2020 to 2026. The overall market will grow at around a CAGR of 7.4% at around 2020-2026.

Smart Motion Detection


With the development of technology in recent years, SMDs’ have become advanced and can even be controlled with the help of an app through a smartphone that activates remote activation.

Thus, the households experience top-notch security and ensure the safety of the residents along with the valuables. In addition, there is a massive availability of motion detectors these days, designed explicitly considering the type of property to be used for.

How Do Smart Motion Detection Work?

Almost all intelligent motion detection devices utilize passive infrared technology that detects the infrared energy produced by humans and animals. The device identifies the sudden temperature rise and alerts the system’s control panel.

The passive sensors with PIR can be programmed to identify even the minimal temperature changes, and this will assure you of complete safety without your pets intervening in the functioning.

However, the active sensor devices utilize radars that emit radio waves that bounce back, striking the walls or objects from a definite range in space. The intelligent motion detection device sets off the alarm if the lock gets interrupted or blocked by a movement. 

Smart Motion Detectors are used in an array of security applications that includes:

Ticket Gates:

In many private cars parking areas, close-gated spaces, the sensors can identify and scan the tickets to verify the validity of the entry and exit, and that exact fare has been paid.

Intruder Alarms

It is quite popular in smart motion detectors in business or residential areas. This device can detect any intruder entering the premises or if an intruder strayed into any restricted areas.

Security Lighting

 If an intruder tries to trespass on the premises, the device can sense the movement and trigger the alarm. In addition, the security lights flash on throughout the space to deprive of any hiding areas and scare off the intruder.

Entryway Lighting

The sensors can even detect the entry of vehicles at gates and around the parking areas, along with activating the lights for easy navigation. The lights turn off and conserve energy when the sites are vacated. It is also applied in hallways or specific rooms to detect passing people.

In addition to these applications of the intelligent motion sensors in the security systems, the devices are also used in automatic doors, modern luxury buildings, and many others.

Varied Types Of Smart Motion Detection Sensors

There are various types of motion sensors with the development of technology. Some of the prominent types of these are:

Dual Technology Sensors

For the spaces that need high security, apply this sensor with PIR and MV capacities combined. Due to the dual presence, one of the sensors is active and the other passive, each working on different parts and triggered at a similar time for an alarm.

Passive Infrared (PIR)

The PIRs detect body heat through their infrared energy and are most commonly used for private residential spaces. If the sensor identifies even the minimal change in the temperature within its protective grid, it signals the alarm.

microWave (MW)

 It is majorly used in commercial areas, and it emits microwave pulses to identify the movement. The MWs cover vast spaces and extensive ranges than the PIRs.

Ultrasonic Sensors

It is almost similar to the MW sensors, with only ultrasonic waves that quickly identify movement across spaces.

Area-Reflective Sensors

These sensors are fixed into the LEDs that emit infrared and detect the movement in the specified spaces.

Vibration Sensors

It is one of the inexpensive switch-activated options and sends out a vibration to identify the motion.

Importance of Smart Motion Detection Sensors

The sensors offer merits of security and convenience that leave behind all the stress related to safety. These can be placed in various spaces around the residential properties, commercial buildings, garages, or even windows that help you remain away from intruders. On detecting an intruder, the sensor triggers the alarm and fears or stops the intruder from entering further into the property.

The importance of SMDs’ are:

  • Enhanced Safety:

The sensors assure you of enhanced safety for your property and let you have a stress-free life. The SMDs’ can easily detect an intruder, be it a human or animal that can threaten you. These devices identify the intruder’s presence and set the alarm and other processes according to their types.

  • More Convenience: 

Sometimes after dark, it happens that you would go through the hassle of turning on your exterior light by yourself. It’s because going to your house while making sure that there’s nothing wrong going around can be a hectic task, especially if you have kids with you. SMD sensors will turn the lights on as soon as they detect your motion. Then you can enter your house easily.

  • Saves Energy:

Most often, the owners who don’t have a sensor-activated in their property tend to keep the exterior lights on for the entire time, which is highly energy-consuming. The motion sensors offer more safety and convenience along with saving energy. 

It eliminates the use of keeping the lights on for the entire time and reduces energy consumption by activating the lights if motion is being sensed. With the saving of power, the devices save energy and are good for the environment.  

  • Perfect Precaution: 

When it comes to leaving home for a few days, you want your home to be safe from invaders or burglars. For that, you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on. However, the burglars may slip from the neighbors’ eyes and steal your stuff. SMS sensors can help a lot since they can alert your neighbor when something suspicious happens around your house/company.


Smart Motion Detection (SMD) devices are a must in the addition of security to residential and commercial properties. Security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Such smart motion detection devices are cost-effective, use less energy, and assure a top-notch security system. It’s a perfect way for you to stay secure without much hassle.



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