What are the Best Home Theater systems on the market?

What are the Best Home Theater systems on the market?


What are home theater systems?

A home theater system enables you to enhance the sound system in the room. It can turn off the horrible center speaker and have a wider sound while watching a movie. For many, it is too complicated to buy an amplifier and sound speakers separately. For them, the ideal option will be locating an all-in-one surround sound speaker or a soundbar. 


The 5 best home theater systems of 2021 for immersive surround sound

A home theater system has multiple speakers that support surround sound. Some businesses and retailers combine everything you need inside a package. For those who wish for the simplicity of the plug-in home cinema, it may be worth investing in a soundbar. Most home theater systems have subwoofers for dedicated bass and bring broader impact and sound to action movies. The AV receiver can be used to power and process your speakers, and many AV receivers also serve as connections to connecting multiple HDMI speakers to your television. The best way to experience film soundtrack so you can hear effects everywhere in your room.

When you buy a home theater system, the first thing to consider is if your television offers good enough sound. If your TV offers excellent sound, maybe you do not want to change it. Home theaters work well to enhance the technology that comes with a television. When buying a home theater system, you need to consider the size of your home theater room. If there are any dead or strange sound areas in your home, this may be an important step in the home cinema process, especially if you want to really enjoy those big movie soundtracks.

The best budget home theater system

Vizios sb365n-H6 Audio Bar System provides a 5.1-channel experience with great audio quality for the price. Soundbar systems are convenient but full surround sounds are more immersive with fantastic sound. It’s an entry-level audio option designed for buyers on a budget with smaller rooms. The soundbar handles the amplification and processing itself so you don’t need any expensive receiver units. Bluetooth is available for music streaming. The subwoofer is decent for its size but I have found Vizio models tend to have balance issues. It’s also important to remember that the Soundbar’s audio separation, depth don’t equal the quality found on the larger and more expensive systems.


The best high-end home theater system

Klipsch’s Reference Premiere 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker system is designed for home theater lovers. The performances are simply stunning with range, clarity, image and bass. For maximum experience, You will need a receiver for nine channels. The series Reference Premiere has been made for people who are interested in getting involved in the project. Low-Def Digest rated the units at 4.5/5 and the results were described as an overall “sonic delight from top to bottom.” The Denon AVR X3700H is recommended for a solid receiver. The system features nine speakers channels two more than our midrange pick.

The smartest home theater system

Sonos Arc 5.1 surround was rated as a must-have by CEPro magazine. Highs are crystal clear Lows through Sonos’ subwoofer punch with authority and dialogue with the centerpiece of the system, the Beam Audio Bar, is both eminently understandable and consistently in front. The Sonos app remains the smartest or the most useful in the industry. It streams all types of over 150 music services provided by Sonos. When you add Alexa and Google Assistant a touch of elegance and the simple design that makes it look out of place and that blends with the surroundings. This would be heaven to the senses.

The best wireless home theater system

Enclave Audio CineHD II is nearly completely wireless. Each of the wireless speakers need to connect to either an electrical socket or strip. The wireless speakers all utilize WiSA to wirelessly connect to the included transmitter. The transmitter later forms a hub, complete with HDMI eARC port and optical port to connect to PlayBack Devices. Together the five speakers and 8in subwoofer offer solid audio performance but sound quality will not match comparable-priced wired home theatre equipment. The system won’t support Dolby TrueHD  DTS/HDMA audio formats but you will still have surround sound terminating from those wireless surround speakers, giving you a good surround sound experience.


The best mid-range home theater system

Focal Sib Evo speakers are compact mid-range speakers with Dolby Atmos speakers. A stunning sound quality is offered from these home theater speakers at 5 : 1. The Subwoofer is a good match for medium size rooms but shoppers looking at a bit more oomph could need bigger system. The Pioneer VSX-834 7.2 channels receiver is a terrific device with all the features you need. The speaker system requires separate speakers for this system and the receiver must be dolby atmos-equipped. The effect can be hit or miss but the added drivers always help increase the soundstage.

The best Dolby Atmos home theater system

The Dolby Atmos System creates a layer of audio that hovers above the audience. It does so well you have access to specific sounds in a specific place – in the air. It’s breathtaking, exhilarating, incredible in some spots even stupendous. While most AV receivers today come dolby atmos system, enabled, most consumers do not add Dolby speakers. This specific system easily won our best Dolby Atmos competition.

The best home theater system overall

The T series by Polk was considered a high-end home theater system package. The system was designed to compete with one of my best surround sound speaker packages in history, the Pioneer SP-PK52FS. Onkyo HT-S7800 offers extra convenience of built-in dolby atmos support and included receiver. All surround sound speakers should have 5.1 channels. Reviews on the T series show it to be positive. The speakers need separate amplifiers and processors for amplification and reception. The speakers require a $200 price tag added to the cost. Now no philips SP52FS speaker.

Best Surround Sound System

Focal’s Chora series is extremely well-designed and designed to offer realistic sound at an unbelievable price tag. The speakers each feature Dolby Atmos speakers which sit within the speaker panel. Completing the system are two 12″ sized SVS PB2000 port subwoofers. Featuring a dedicated center channel and two surround speakers you can mount on the wall to provide the best theater sound – it seems as if a fighter plane is flying above your head as you watch. It really is the best sound. The system will sound like the best to listen to two-channel stereo listening when you just wish to take some time to listen to some tunes.

The best surround sound system for small rooms

Each SVS Prime Satellite speaker has about the size of a bread loaf 4.5 inches midrange driver and 1/4 inch tweeters. The 12-inch driver of the already legendary 300 Watt subwoofers will also have you hold your own seats. It is small too and tightly hides itself in the center of the room. Despite its price and wireless nature, it might be the most basic cable 5.1 system of its genre. Would you like something larger? You can see the SVS Ultra Series speaker line.



The home theater system creates an immersive home entertainment experience that is unparalleled. The home theater systems are extremely versatile and can also be used for games, music listening, parties, etc. It’s perfect for home theaters too where every speaker matches the wireless receiver. With many home theater speakers, they sound fantastic when you’re in a specific place but start to sound hokey if you move your home theater seating.

Most home theaters systems are complete home entertainment packages which include the surround sound speakers, subwoofer, and home theater receiver all in one package. Some home theater speaker packages are 5: 1 or 7: 1 home theater speaker systems where each speaker is designed to work together for the best home theater or music listening experience.

There are many choices when it comes to home theater systems. We have presented a few of our findings for you, so depending on your preferences, budget, and size of the room, there is something there for everyone


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