Difference Between Security And Surveillance Cameras

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The United States has 15.28 CCTV cameras every 100 individuals, and approximately one billion cameras will get installed globally by 2021.

~ IHS Markit

In our previous articles, we have already discussed that how security cameras can help you monitor your home in your absence and how they offer peace of mind. But do you know anything about surveillance cameras, and what are the pros and cons of installing them? Don’t worry! If you have no idea about surveillance cameras, read on this blog. Also, we will discuss how surveillance cameras are different from security cameras.

Difference Between Security And Surveillance Cameras

Security camera

The sight of cameras at your home or office can be scary for anyone with illegal motives. By installing security cameras at your property, you can always reduce the chances of your home being an easy target.  Security or CCTV cameras capture footage of your property that you can view on a computer, phone, or laptop using an internet connection. When it comes to security cameras, the signals get transferred from a specific area to a fixed monitor located at a distance spot. Most of the security cameras come with a motion detector, meaning they’ll start recording as soon as they detect any motion and will alert too.

Security Camera

Pros of installing security cameras

Security cameras have their pros and cons for homeowners or employers. Let’s discuss them in detail

Pros of installing security cameras

#1. You can observe activities around your property

By installing security cameras at your property, you can keep a check on suspicious movement near your property. In such a case, you can report doubtful activity to the local police. Depending on your need, you can install mountable or hidden cameras at your property.

#2. It deters criminal acts.

Security cameras discourage any criminal activity (if installed strategically at home or office). When criminals find out that they’re being watched, some of them stop their plans in fear of getting caught. Installing cameras at your property is the best idea if you stay in an area with a crime problem. It will protect your home and office from being an easy target.

#3. It provides evidence for a crime.

Security cameras are great for recording events. Also, you can get obtain evidence of illegal or unexpected activities. The best thing about security cameras is that they record the footage with high-quality audio and video.

Cons of Security Cameras

Some of the cons of security cameras are:

#1. Can be expensive

The security cameras can be expensive to install and maintain. The price may vary depending on the camera features, including wired or wireless, motion detector, night vision, camera resolution, and the number of cameras you install.

#2. Vulnerability to hack

Most criminals and intruders are tech-savvy these days, which means they can easily find out how to disconnect the camera’s power. Moreover, they can quickly identify when the camera is a dummy or real.

#3. Compromises privacy

If you’re installing security cameras in your office, it can compromise the privacy of your staff. Your employees might feel that you don’t trust them. Nevertheless, security cameras are necessary as prevention is still always better than cure.

Surveillance Cameras

Difference Between Security And Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras or automatic number plate recognition systems works on an IP network. This network links the camera from a remote area to the security area. The video is transferred to the security area via this network. These cameras also allow for a longer recording time, which is perfect for surveillance activities.

Surveillance cameras are always installed in public areas, like malls, crossroads, parking roads, and more by the government to gather intelligence, prevent crime, and protect the process.

Pros of Surveillance Cameras

#1. Reduces the crime rate in public areas

The chances of crime reduce when an individual finds out that he/she is under surveillance and can get caught in the act. So installing surveillance cameras in the criminal activity areas can reduce the crime rate. Also, the local police can take precautions to control the situation in case of suspicious activity.

#2. It allows for easy monitoring from afar.

You can monitor or track the activity of someone from a distance on your phone, laptop, or any device. All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

#3. It helps improve the public’s safety

The government can improve the public’s safety by installing surveillance cameras in malls, markets, parking areas, and more.

Cons of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have their disadvantages too. Let’s find them below:

#1. Complex to install and operate

Surveillance cameras work on IP networks, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to operate them. You might need an expert or professional to install or operate such cameras.

#2. Easy to abuse

These cameras are for the safety of the public. However, hackers can hack into the network and access public information and use it to blackmail them.

#3. Costly installation

Surveillance cameras require many accessories to work appropriately, resulting in spending a lot more than installing security cameras. As these cameras are complex, you will need professionals to install, maintain, and repair them.

Is it legal to install surveillance cameras by the common public?

Unfortunately, it’s illegal for commoners to install surveillance cameras at their homes and offices. The government officially uses these cameras to gather information and use that data to prevent crimes and national threats.

If you want to install such cameras at or around your property, you might need to get approval from the government. For this, you’ll need a justifiable excuse.


Both cameras are used to protect specific areas and prevent significant mishaps in the countries; however, both differ in application. Nonetheless, using them both accurately can increase the security level of a place. May it be public safety or home safety. Make sure that you choose a reliable security company to provide you either of the two.

If you still have doubts about surveillance and security cameras, do let us know in the comment section!


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