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All alarm monitoring and installs per the alarm company act (Ca.) performed by Allegiance Alarms ACO 5760.

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Security system monitoring
Our services include sales and installation of

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 – Home Automation Systems

 – Surround Sound Systems

 – Intercom Systems

 – Nanny Cams

 – TV Mounting

 – Home Movie Theaters

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Western Riverside County and San Bernardino command- Riverside, Corona, Norco, Perris, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Yucaipa, Fontana, Upland, Ontario, Hemet, San Jacinto, Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Sun City



DSC impassaAlarm System And Security Cameras By First Call Home Automation. If you are interested in increasing the security of your home or office, then First Call has multiple home automation products that can help you out. Additionally, you will find that there are many pieces of hardware available from the reputable company to upgrade your entertainment and communication systems. When it comes to finding state-of-the-art technological products, this is your ideal place to shop!


When it comes to safety, every home needs a good alarm system. You can pick out the package of products that will best suit your needs. As you are looking around, make sure you consider the inside and the outside of your home layout.

You want to find a selection of alarms that will alert you as quickly as possible if someone comes onto your property or attempts to enter your home. Whether you live in a small city apartment or a large house in a rural area, you deserve to know that you have the right alarm set up for your home. This will keep you and your household safer!


One aspect of making sure that you have a secure home is the use of a home security camera system. With cameras, you will have a record of everything that takes place in these areas. By placing cameras in vital places, you will always know what is going on and have a recording of wrongdoing.

Nanny cameras are one type of home security camera that you may want to use. These are great if you are allowing strangers into your home while you are away. In addition to monitoring nannies, they are a great way to see what contractors do in the home while you are not there.


security cameras palm springsYou may want to have closed circuit cameras as a part of your security efforts. With these, you can elect to capture still pictures or recorded footage of things that are going on at home. These are very useful devices. In addition to being able to record anyone walking by in front of them, they will help to deter thieves to begin with.

Whether you are using them for your home or a commerical property, when you place visible cameras in vulnerable outdoor areas, you are sending a strong message to the criminals out there that you will not tolerate victimization. Often, that is sufficient to send them elsewhere to find a business or home that is not so diligently guarded.


You will find a wide range of camera styles at First Call, including IP Cameras. The IP stands for Internet Protocol. These are often used for webcams but can be utilized in other manners.

There are multiple reasons that you may want to have a webcam setup with your computer. Some people use them to talk to family and friends across the various social networks. They are also quite useful for having business conversations and making videos for others.

If you are interested in any of these uses, you will enjoy the selection of IP Cameras available as a part of your home security systems setup.


In order to keep your property safe, you may want to use a video surveillance system. You can have one customized to protect every area of your property so that you can keep criminals at bay. With video surveillance, people are far less likely to steal in a retail establishment.

Quite often, just seeing the cameras is enough to deter criminals. However, if you have a business and catch a criminal as a result of the footage, every criminal in town will know you mean don’t take crime lightly. They will avoid your surveillance cameras and look for an easier mark that has not invested in automated security systems.


In a world with increasing automation, it is vital that access control remain at the forefront of your mind when making plans. This is simply making certain that only the appropriate people have the ability to reach the various systems under your control.

For instance, you may want to allow your teenager to access the home alarm to turn it off and on but you may want to restrict their access to the television parental controls. You should always be sure you do not inadvertently override a previous restriction as you upgrade and change your technology.

The access control systems by First Call will help to ensure you are able to manage your systems efficiently. Card readers, magnetic controls and more are available for you to choose from for your current and future systems.


One of the most important things that you can do for your family is to have a strong home security system that includes a good alarm. You will find multiple packages and options that you can use to be sure you have the best home alarm system for you and your family to depend on. Keeping people at bay and alarming you and the authorities when they cross the line are among your top goals when it comes to home security and these products can really help you!


commercial security cameras palm springsAlthough wired security cameras are an important part of security, so are wireless security cameras. There are many places where it is simply not practical to set up a wired system but that are vulnerable to someone looking to break in.

By mounting a wireless security camera in these areas, you will be able to get a view of what is happening in real time or have it recorded. Depending on what is going on, this can provide you with invaluable information and help in regards to the crime. You may see it in progress and alert the authorities or have proof and pictures of it after the fact that can be used to prosecute the person or people.


Bringing together the best of Internet Protocol and Closed Circuit technologies, the selection here is sure to please you!


home automation palm springsIf you are like most people today, you are quite busy and would love to cut down on the time you spend in repetitive tasks. Fortunately for you, the advances in home automations systems has made much of that possible. You can select the best types of automation to meet your needs so you can get back to enjoying your life each day.


home theater palm desertFor your auditory pleasure, you can peruse the selection of surround sound systems that has been offered by First Call as part of their product line. There are many reasons that you may want to add one or more of these fine products into your home.

A home theater with surround sound is a great way to entertain yourself and others. You may also want to use the surround sound speakers to listen to your favorite music or even your regular television shows. It can add quite a dramatic flair to documentaries about wild animals!

You may want to set up a surround sound system in more than one room in your home. Make sure that you take into consideration the size and shape of the area so that you can acheive the best sound possible for your investment.


If you want to be able to communicate with others in the same building, intercom systems are a great choice. They are used in residential and commercial properties around the world for residents and workers to speak to each other.

Whether you want to speak to other members of your family or allow your staff easy communication from the kitchen to other vital service areas of your home, the righth intercom setup will make that easy for you.

On the other hand, you may want to have an intercom system for a business property that you own. This can allow certain departments and individuals the opportunity to quickly get messages across to each other. You can decide the size and scope of your needs as you compare the product offerings and your operations.


Everyone has heard the horror stories on the news about nannies doing inappropriate things while the family is not around. You do not have to worry about that with nanny cams strategically located throughout your home. You can set them up so you will be able to view and hear the nanny while you are away.

This will provide you a great peace of mind that every parent deserves. Check out the selection of nanny cams and you will see how easily and seamlessly they can blend in with the rest of your home, so the nanny need never know you are keeping such close tabs on your home.


The line of TV mounting systems by First Call will help you to keep your television and other pieces of entertainment system secure. Make sure that you understand the weight tolerance for each in addition to the weight of the pieces you desire to place on them. Then you can select the best mounting brackets and support pieces to make your entertainment dreams a reality!


home theater entertainment center palm springsWhile you can watch movies on tiny screens today, the best way is still on a large screen with surround sound. Instead of going to the movie theater for this experience, you can set up a home movie theaters system instead. Peruse the selection at First Call to help you decide what you want to do.

There are many choices available so that you can make the most of the space and money you have available for your new movie set up. When setting up a home movie theater experience, you will want to be sure that everything is perfect.

For instance, think about where the speakers will need to be for each seat to have the best sound possible. You will find all of the speakers and equipment you need in this area.


outdoor home entertainment center palm springsIn addition to hanging out indoors, many people love spending time outside. You need an outdoor entertainment system if you want to keep your guests happy and having a good time. Check out the amazing choice of hardware that First Call has to help you put together the best outdoor entertainment system possible.

When you are deciding what you want to get, you will need to think about how much space you have and how far your messages need to reach. This will help you to determine the size and strength each piece should be to make sure you and your outdoor guests have a great time all day and night!

shop smallAs you can see, First Call has a wide range of products that will improve the quality of your life. You can gain peace of mind when away from your home knowing that you have a surveillance system keeping an eye on things. You can check what is happening when you want to be sure the nanny is caring for your child or that nobody has penetrated your locks.

You can also depend on the alarm systems to protect you and your family while you are there. The automation systems available will increase your safety levels and provide you with pleasure and enjoyment while you are home. Whether you are communicating online with loved ones, making a video for family and friends, or just want to kick back and watch your favorite movie in style, they have the products to make it happen.

Look around the First Call website and check out the amazing product selection available today. You are sure to find several items to improve your home!

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