Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Few things are worse than having the sanctity of your home violated. That breach is something you and your family will have a hard time ever getting past. Let’s be honest. Home security is on every family’s mind. At First Call Security & Sound, we work hard to keep an umbrella of protection over your family.

When it comes to protecting your home and the people you love, we know you don’t want to cut corners. When you turn out the light, or lock the door behind you, you want to feel confident you’re protected by state of the art home security alarm technology created and maintained by experts who not only are professionals in home security, but employees that are neighbors and understand your neighborhood, your needs, and your concerns. That’s what First Call brings to you! We protect each and every home as if it was where our family lays their heads at night. That is our commitment to you and we take that very seriously!

Access Control & Remote Access Control

First Call Security & Sound can install complete access control systems for your residence. These systems can make your life easier while providing more security for your family. They include a variety of indoor and outdoor intercom systems and access (entry/exit) controls for gates, doors, and driveway access. All you need is a smartphone to remotely monitor your property from anywhere and anytime.

Our innovative techniques and designs for remote access control are here to protect you and your loved ones and keep your home safe and secure while you’re away. Stop worrying about your home being violated. Your home security is our priority!

First Call Security & Sound offers surveillance systems and top-of-the-line security cameras that can help you remotely monitor your property round the clock. Whether you want to check on a babysitter or want to monitor your property while you’re away on vacation or business, our systems can help you get the peace of mind you need.

Residential Security Cameras

First Call Security & Sound offers full residential security camera installations and services. It is important for homeowners to protect their property and family. Security cameras add extra comfort and peace of mind, and greatly deter burglars or vandals.

First Call Security & Sound can help you choose the right security cameras for your home, and can guide you through the details to utilize them to prevent trouble. Our professional technicians will install your security cameras, including the features that you require. First Call Security & Sound only uses high-resolution cameras that are made from die-cast metal, and not plastic.

We are a preferred installer for Best Buy.

First Call Security & Sound
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